sabato 15 maggio 2010

Il relax del leone siberiano

Anche se le apparenze ingannano,se cambia d'umore il suo ruggito si può sentire a 3 chilometri di distanza!

## by Marlow ##

2 commenti:

Talamasca ha detto...

Che splendore...non so cosa darei per vederlo dal vivo!!!
Ciao Ivo, buona domenica

vampiresa ha detto...

Fantastic! Lion is one of my favourite animals. Have you ever seen a lion? I saw lions in Cantabria at the zoo, but my favourite favourite favourite animal is the wolf. I Jaén there was wolves, but they are not yet.

Okey, don´t worry about football, I think Italy is a good team and Spain must learn about another teams, but I am Spanish and I love my Selection, and I agree with you
Spain is one of the favourites.

¡Viva Italia y España!;)

A good sunday.