sabato 8 maggio 2010


Altre foto dell'album Women click photosphera

Another photo on album Women click photosphera


## by Marlow ##

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Sylvia ha detto...

Beautiful and interesting photos of women !
The photos with the golden retriever and the leopard are great !
It's still cold here, I'm looking forward to warm and sunny days.
Nice evening, Marlow,

Talamasca ha detto...

Noi donne rappresentiamo un bellissimo soggetto da ritrarre, vero? :)
Ciao Ivo, dopo tanto tempo, buona domenica.

Miss Construction ha detto...

Hi! beautiful pictures! My favorite was the last picture ^.^
Thanks for visiting blog!

greetings from Bolivia

vampiresa ha detto...

Oh! They are very beautiful. he last women my favourite. Her eyes are wonderful, but, I have known plenty of pretty women in my life and I hate they use their beauty for lie to the men.
I think the most beautiful women are in Jaén, je je, it is a joke,hummm in India and the most good-looking men in Germany and Italy,futhermore Spniard men are very romantic.