sabato 5 giugno 2010

L'enorme bolla di sapone è made in China

Zheng Wei e una delle sue gigantesche bolle di sapone in un parco a Wuhan, in Cina. Zheng, un taxista di 48 anni, è un virtuoso di questo hobby, e vuole realizzare la più grande bolla di sapone del mondo.

## by Marlow ##

3 commenti:

ha detto...

wowww.. amazing work my friend..
thanks for your visit to my blog page :-)

Sylvia ha detto...

How awful that oil disaster !
Amazing soap bubble !
Interesting photos as always, Marlow.
Bright sunny days here in Belgium,
enjoy your weekend,

LOLITA ha detto...

Lovely. And I thought I made the biggest bubble at one of my bubble baths :)

I played in a movie as a kid in which my first scene was blowing bubbles sitting at a fountain with a carousel in the background. It was a love story placed in the time before the First World War.